Alexis Prince

Designer, Developer, Marketer

Trends in design & technologies change, my approach remains the same, I remain innovative, effective, and efficient. By staying focused I have developed a deep expertise in web design, mobile technologies, web development, graphic design, search engine optimization & social media.

Passionate web designer, skilled in Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, Sketch & inVision. Creates seamless UX and UI with creative functional designs. Designed and built over 600 custom websites in a span of 20 years. Designing for the end user, the client, browser compatibility and search protocols. Managed teams of 4 to 40 and contributed as an equal on those teams. Able to handle large amounts of work, and on deadlines. Dependable, organized, and excellent communicator.

  • alexisprincedesign@gmail.com
  • 707.543.6455


Alexis Prince
Visual Design, UI/UX, Adobe CC, Sketch, inVision, graphic Design, Digital marketing, Social Media
  • digital art
  • Graphics
  • Social
  • SEO
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Marketing
  • Creating

interests & hobbies

  • Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Lapidary
  • Adventures
  • Reiki
  • Geology
  • reading
  • wellbeing


Marketing Director, Designer

Infinite Website Design & Marketing 2001-Present

Web & UI design
Search Engine Optmization | Digital Marketing
Social Media Management
Email Design
Graphic Design

Web Design
UI | UX Design
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Social Media

UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design

Employment Screening Resources 2014-present

Director, Designer, Markter

Alexis Kestler Website Design. 2001-2014

Web Design
Front End Development
UI Design
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design

Project Manager
Web Design
Front End Development

Web Design, Front End Development

Muscovy Technologies, Denver, CO 2011-2012

Director, Designer, Markter

PBHS inc, 1998-2010

Director of Website Design (10 years)
Director of Development (10 Years)
Website Designer (12 Years)
Director of Maintenance (12 years)
Director of Search Engine Marketing (11 years)

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UI/UX Design, responsive website design, wordpress design, ecommerce design, mobile design, email design, social media design, ad design and graphic design. Adobe CC, Sketch, Invision.

Front end website development, email development, Ecommerce, content management. Responsive & Mobile design and development. HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, bootstrap, wordpress.

On and off page search engine optimization, link building, site audits, google analytics, competitor analysis, reporting. Social media management and marketing, sponsored ad management, and email marketing.

Adobe CC, Sketch, inVision, HTML(5), CSS(3), Ajax, jQuery, Responsive Design, bootstrap, CMS systems, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing & Mangement tools.


WEb Design & Development


Computer Science Certificate Program. Web Design, Web Development, Web project Management, business management, marketing.

Graphic Design

graphic design


Jewelry Arts & Design

Revere Academy

Revere Academy of Design


Skin Care eCommerce
Re-development of web Graphics & layout Shopify
Minn & Madeline
eCommerce Web Design & Development, SEO
Website Design & Marketing
Wordpress Website Design, Marketing, Logo
background Check
UI |UX | Web design, development, Graphic Design, Marketing
Web Design, Shopify Development & Logo Design
Fitness Fuel
Web Design & Development on WP
UI Design
UI Design for Client & Applicant side.
Mobile Car Detailing
Web Design & Deveopment on WP

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Logo Design for Cat Habitat website.

Logo Design

Logo design forHealing Arts

Logo Design

Logo Design for Art Jewelry Website.

Logo Design

Logo Design for Chiropractor & Massage School

Logo Design

Logo and website Design for Jet Crowd Sourcing Company.

Logo Design

Logo Design for Roofing company. Business Cards, Truck Signs, Website, t-Shirts.

Logo Design

Logo Design for Auto Spa.

Logo Design

Logo Design for Construction Classifieds website. Logo and Website Design.

Logo Design

Designed Logo, product labels, hats, bands and t-shirts, post cards, business cards and trade show booth materials.

Logo Design

Logo Design for Jewelry Business

Logo Design

Logo Design for for Medical Cannabis Farm.

Logo Design

Designed Logo and all print materials.